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Data collection for QUANTITATIVE research

  • By phone (CATI)

  • Face to face in home, central location (CAPI or PAPI)

  • Online

Respondent recruitment 

  • For qualitative and quantitative research

  • Panels available

  • List recruitement possible


  • Questionnaires

  • Open ends

  • Transcripts

  • Simutaneous translation

Data collection for QUALITATIVE research

  • In depth interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Online bullitin boards

  • User eXperience

Research facilities

  • For street intercepts or pre-recruitment

  • One way mirror and/or closed camera circuit

  • Simultaneous translation equipment

Delivery of.....

  • Transcripts

  • Audio/video

  • Data files (f.ex. SPSS, ASCII)

  • Toplines and crosstabs

  • Management summary

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